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putoline oil

Putoline Oils

A Leading brand of motorcycle lubricants and maintenance products around the world

aboutSince 1970 Putoline has produced top quality lubricants solely for the motorcycle market. The Putoline plant is based in Holland and produces the world’s largest range of motor cycle specific lubricants and bike care products covering all aspects and models of scooters to superbikes.

We are world renowned for superb cutting edge products, for example, we are the first company to introduce Nano Technology into motorcycle oils and as a result the Nano Tech range is fast becoming a house hold name in bench mark quality around the world. The quality of Putoline has long been regarded as quite simply the best available for today’s motorcyclist and is available in over 40 countries worldwide.

Development in our labs and on the track helps our research team gather the correct information to blend the very finest oils for the world of competition. Putoline has a massive investment in motorcycle sport which involves constant testing with many sponsored riders and teams. Thanks to information collected from the track regarding motocross, speedway, circuit racing and many other forms of bike sport we gather feedback and use this data to further improve lubricants for road going machines.

Putoline Oil has developed into a worldwide, leading brand within the motorcycle industry for specific ‘bike only’ lubricants and maintenance products. Our success is simple and based on high quality in combination with a very comprehensive, attractive product range. In addition, the brand is marketed by an enthusiastic and professional team of people who make service and accessibility a priority.