The 4 round of the Fast Eddy ACU British Extreme Championship

Dirtbike action  present the 4 edition of the iconic EXTREME RAVINES, a 35km lap with lots of new going that will challenge the competitors using the ice age ravines that are high above the market town of Helmsley.  With a big single lap The route has hard and easier sections depending on the class entered all controlled by check points.  Good flat parking and camping Enter via www.dirtbike-action.co.uk  a round of the fast eddy british extreme championship as of 19 riders entering will have to provide numbers of the correct backgrounds 


Final instructions the Putoline Eurotek Extreme Ravines Sunday 22 April round 4 of the ACU Extreme Enduro Championship permit number acu53314

Directions YO625EP ten follow the red arrows slow down past the farms on baxtons road as you approach the start area

Camping from Friday afternoon it is a condition of camping that you take your rubbish home

No fires or riding of motorcycles in the camping or parking area

Camp and park as directed by the officials 

Sign on Saturday afternoon 4 -6pm Sunday 7.30 am till 8.30 at sign riders will be given a written safety briefing there is a safety board at sign on, displaying the relevant signage used in this event it is the rider’s duty to familiarises themselves with the safety signs. if in doubt ask a member of staff.

Numbers and backgrounds will be supplied by the organiser along with a punch card 

Extreme ravines start 9.30 am. using a hare scramble style start in class order.  Single lap format for clubman vet’s youth sportsman, with extra inner loops 2 for championship/pro 1 for expert, elite vets at check point six see safety event board at sign on for more information.   

There are several check points around the course, riders must stop and have their cards punched, each class has a specific number of punches to be classed as a finisher                                                                      

Only championship/pro experts/elite vets will require fuel /85cc youth, then only 5ltr, the fuel van will leave at 8.30, there is no outside help at refuelling point, riders must refuel themselves, machine must be switched off, and refuelling must take place over refuelling matts. 85cc riders need to contact the clerk of the course  07557665647 for their fuel arrangements

No outside help riders may help each other

Road crossings & public footpaths are clearly marked you are required to stop and proceed only when clear to do so

No tear offs, at the start each line will be inspected before starting if you have tear offs fitted you will not be allowed to start.

Riders should carry a mobile phone there is an sos number on the riders printed number boards should you break down or require medical help


Click the relevant link below to download the results in Microsoft Excel Format

Revised results